Data Recovery From £79

We perform recoveries from the devices like:

Any interface: (IDE, EIDE), Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, SAS and Fiber Channel.

Any combination of units: single hard drive or multiple RAID drives.

Any brand hard drive.

Bipra Ltd. has developed extensive expertise to recover data from the simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations. The reasons for the hard drive crash or lass may be due to

  • Virus attack
  • Power leakage
  • Water or Flood damage
  • Natural calamities
  • Human Error
  • Fire or heat or smoke damage
  • Corrupted File Allocation Table
  • Drive Platters with excessive bad sectors
  • Vandalism and Sabotage
  • Corrupted Master File Table

Simply leave it to our experts who utilize the most recent data recovery techniques to make sure that you are able to access your data completely after the recovery procedure.

It becomes a stressful task when we have an accidental deletion of any file in our hard disk, be it an important document, data or information in the form of text files, audio or video files. Because of this, there is a lot that can fail mechanically as the result of a manufacturing defect or more heat or simply required re-making. Hard disk drives are considered as the “mainstays” of computer data storage. The hard drive can also fail due to electrical issues, and as with mechanical problems. May be hard drives have to be formatted due to problems such as storage issues, security or lack of vulnerability and so people frequently format their hard drives when they get full, hardware failure, corrupted data, system crashes, viruses, accidental deletion of data / information / files, inaccessible drives, hard disk component failure and partition. And so however, sometimes it happens that people forget to make a back up of their important files, whether personal or official of the business and others.

Data Recovery and Hard drive recovery is efficiently done by Bipra Ltd. within short span of time. Data recovery helps you recover data from even a formatted hard drive and our software engineers perform this task in quite proficient and organized manner without causing any kind of harm to the computer and its other parts. To recover the formatted data from the hard drive, we use special data recovery software and operate it on your system. This data recovery software retrieves the data safely from the formatted hard drives at just one push of a button. Data Recovery emergencies happen without giving an alarm bell and we take the right steps to protect and recover your essential data. Our distinctively chosen and designed software uses recovery algorithms which assist the home & business computer and laptop users to recover lost data promptly. We quickly recover your files by operating your machine and information stored in it carefully and the result is you will have recovered all the lost files in just one action. Bipra Ltd. stands second as compared to others in the recovery of mission critical hard disk drive recovery and data recovery as we can recover almost 99% of the data from the hard disk. Our technical workers strive hard to recover the valuable data of our customers by offering fast and friendly customer service, responding to emergency calls and also data guarantee.

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